• American Dreaming Film

Detroit's golden age of car design was driven by artists; this is the history, the art and their stories

American Dreaming: Mid-Century Car Design on Film

A documentary about the greatest artists who ever designed cars. In Detroit.

American Dreaming is a documentary film about the men and women who dreamed and designed the iconic American cars that defined the mid-century. From 1946 to 1973 design studios assembled at General Motors, Ford, Packard, Chrysler, Studebaker, Nash, and Hudson created the stylish automobiles Americans fell in love with. Talented artists from around the country answered the call from magazines like Popular Mechanics to “Become a Highly Paid Auto Stylist in Detroit!” Their drawings, and the resulting cars that were built in this period, suggested limitless possilibities and reflected the optimism America that could conquer space and bring prosperity to the entire world.

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Chrome, Fins & Style

Chrome, Fins & Style



An exhibition of original concept drawings from Detroit’s Golden Age of Automotive Design 1946 – 1973

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Reception to meet the designers

Friday August 28th, 7:00 – 9:00 pm
$10 per person at the door*

Retired automotive designers of Detroit’s most iconic cars will be on hand for autographs and photos.

Refreshments & Dessert

*Proceeds from this event will be shared by the Royal Oak Historical Society and  American Dreaming Film Project.

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Special Exhibition: August 28th – September 26th

League of Retired Automotive Designers with AMC/Chrysler guild of retired Stylists-Sculptors.

Members of these two groups will be exhibiting contemporary automotive artwork the reimagines iconic cars of the past.

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American Dreaming Film

A documentary about American automotive styling from 1946-1973, featuring interviews with the artists who designed Detroit’s automobiles.

The work of these men and women artists is presently seen in the context of automotive history, not fine art.

By acknowledging the artists and the art behind the automobile, we arrive at a deeper appreciation of an important part of our American heritage.

This film will present the artists who designed the automobiles, and the stories only they can tell.